A Call for Obama’s Resignation

There is an amusing petition on Change.org calling for President Barack Obama to resign as president on the day before or day of President-Elect Trump’s inauguration. The idea would be to make Joe Biden president for a day or so. The petition was created by blogger and Yale graduate Zack Hunt.

The post references the recent bestowal of the Presidential Medal of Freedom on the Vice President. You can see other recent recipients here.

President Joe Biden has served his country with distinction for decade; most recently being recognized with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President of the United States (and bromantic partner) Barack Obama.

The post continues, calling upon Americans to “give back” to Mr. Biden for his years of public service, especially in light of Donald Trump’s imminent presidency.

As Mr. Biden’s term in office comes to a close, it’s time we the people to whom he has given so much, now give something back to him.

Especially in light of the dark days to come under the incoming Trump administration, America needs a ray of hope and goodness to pierce the darkening clouds. America needs Joe Biden to move out of the corridors of hilarious Internet memes and into the Oval Office.

The petition seems to have something of a tongue-in-cheek quality to it as evidenced by this remark at the end:

On a related note, as one astute Internet observer has pointed out, this would make Joe Biden the 45th President of the United States, not Donald Trump, thus making all that 45th President swag Trump is selling for the Inauguration something akin to his own election: a big mistake.

As of this writing, the petition actually has 62 supporters after only 8 hours online. While this does seem to be a joke, for the most part, one commenter made this astute observation:

As an astute, outside observer of the remarkably huge joke that has been American politics over the past 12 months, I feel this would be at least a fun one to have happen.

Not everyone is privileged enough to find recent events funny, but sometimes all you can do is laugh.

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