Welcome to UN·A·BRIDGED.

This is a blog and a community dedicated to fostering thoughtfulness and creativity. Political polarization, fake news, and even outright violence and threatening the fabric of civility. The vision of UN·A·BRIDGED is to inspire people to think critically, be creative, and to have compassion for each other.

This vision grew out of Isaac and Zachary Frazier’s late-night phone conversations. The two brothers found themselves in opposite bubbles, one leaning to the left and one to the right. Both felt isolated and frustrated surrounded by bad thinking and hateful speech. One night, the two decided that something needed to be done about how unprepared so many people were to think well in our time.

UN·A·BRIDGED started as a blog and has since grown to include a community and a forum for the practicing of thoughtfulness, creativity, and compassion. We plan to expand even further in the weeks and months ahead to include educational materials and a full course on thoughtfulness, creativity, and compassion. Join our community and see how much of a difference these things can make.