All Made Up

When I first started wearing makeup, I was twelve years old. Over the years the reasons why I wear makeup have evolved. At twelve, I did it because I admired my mom and wanted to do everything she did. Makeup was an everyday routine of hers and when I asked her why she wore makeup she always told me it was because she “didn’t want to scare anyone.” 

I think the benefit of makeup is to make you feel good. It can give someone the confidence to go out and do something that they might normally feel anxiety about. I know we should all find our confidence in Christ and our beauty in him but honestly in this society it’s very hard. – Krissy

A little over a year later I began to realize what she had meant by that – not necessarily for the same reason, but overall a similar concept. Wanting to be like my mom eventually shifted into wanting to hide my very imperfect teenage skin. For years makeup had been a necessary evil for me, something I just did because I wanted flawless looking skin and to hide all of my redness and blemishes.

I wear makeup because it gives me a BOOST in confidence. I put boost in all capital letters to emphasize the fact that my confidence grows. I have confidence with or without makeup. – Megan

I was in my early twenties when my opinion on makeup  changed. I had begun to take notice of how women wore their makeup and the more I saw, the more I yearned to know their secrets. They made makeup so enticing, so beautiful, and I desired to do the same. Then I walked into an Ulta for the first time in my life—the epicenter of my makeup addiction and gateway drug to a world of art I had never known before. Today makeup is just that for me; an addiction, an art, and a passion.

Sure, it also does cover my occasional breakout. It makes me feel confident, and I wear it because I want to look good. It is also more than that to me. Although I have gained extensive knowledge in the world of makeup (mostly what works for me) there is always more to learn and new techniques seem to evolve every day/week/month.

Every woman wears make up differently and a lot of it is beautiful just like the woman under it.  The dark side of makeup is that it is expensive and a lot of it is similar.  There is a “need” to have more or better, more expensive make up when it’s not really necessary. – Mindy

In the world of makeup it is easy to get sucked in and feel pressured to have the newest and sometimes most expensive products. I’ve found myself getting caught up in this endless circle of buying makeup and have had to remind myself to really question if a product will work for my skin tone and type and to take big YouTube beauty guru’s/makeup artists recommendations both in moderation and at face value.

The beauty of makeup is that it can be both universal and personal at the same time. A common controversy within the makeup world is that people who wear it often get judged for it but, on the other side of the same coin, people who don’t wear makeup also judge and condemn those who do. Ultimately it is important to remember that whether you wear makeup, don’t wear makeup, or fall somewhere in between, beauty isn’t one size fits all and there is no absolute “right” way to do it.

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