New Year’s Resolutions and Addictions

I was raised in an Evangelical household. Believe it or not, Evangelicals can be extremely non-conformist when they set their minds to it. I have always had an impulse in me to resist (selectively, of course) the wiles of various cultural trends. 

One of those trends that I have never really bought into was New Year’s resolutions. And Valentine’s Day, but that’s a conversation for another time. It just seems silly to plan your life changes for the New Year right when everyone else is doing it. What is it about the New Year that gives us the illusion that this time we will really change?

This year, something strange has happened. I did not aim to have a New Year’s resolution. I did not even think about it in those terms until just now. I started work on this blog in its present form a couple of months ago. I have always enjoyed writing, but never seriously pursued it for any respectable length of time. I always had to force myself to write, and over time my willpower would fade and I would go back to playing video games.

A few nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a craving. I had a writing craving. I think I might be developing an addiction, and I am not entirely sure how I got to this point. 

It may have started with the initial furvor of writing for the blog. For several weeks I maintained an every-other-day publication schedule. I told myself I needed to slow down and spread my resources a little better. I did that successfully for a few days before the urges came.

I think I might have accidentally created a writing habit, and right after the New Year! I think I stumbled across a successful New Year’s resolution. 

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