Steak for Thanksgiving

A few years ago I experienced the most memorable Thanksgiving I have ever experienced. Due to work schedules and a myriad of other factors, my wife and I were unable to get together with our family. My former college roommate and his brother were in similar straits, with their family way out in West Texas. 

So we adapted. Let me set the table for you. Rudy and his brother grew up in Chicago. Their parents are from Mexico. Their family is from a Catholic background, in spite of my misguided efforts to convert Rudy into an Evangelical. My wife is from California, did some growing up in Wisconsin, spent some time in Lutheran church, and we met in a small town east of Dallas. I met Rudy at East Texas Baptist University where, strangely enough, we became friends partly because we could not relate to our other roommates as Freshmen. 

My wife has a unique struggle with the holiday season: she has a low opinion of both Turkey and Ham. With the newfound freedom of our multicultural, substitute-family gathering, we decided to grill steaks for Thanksgiving dinner. We replaced the traditional sides with baked potatoes. I do not really remember what all we did that day or what we talked about. We probably played video games, talked religion and/or politics. Looking back, I don’t really remember the details. I do remember the deep sense of belonging.

What about you? What are some of your more memorable Thanksgiving experiences? What are some unique menu items you have seen at a Thanksgiving gathering? Do you prefer traditional Thanksgiving fare or not? 

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